project dev journal 05:

I got approved by apple for the dev license! I already installed Xcode, the official toolkit provided by apple along with the SDK. Good thing that I upgraded to SnowLeopard couple of weeks ago 8) I built the app with its logo and splash screen and etc and did some fine tuning  and debugging and finally got Xcode to open the project and simulate/test it on my iphone. based on the output I got from the test I changed the location of my buttons oh and by the way, I solved the resolution problem of the textures, its not worth to mention it because it was so easy to change 8) Ive completed the prototype and did what was asked of me but I still want to see the buttons work with touch inputs so I’ll be working on them and the camera plugin. So far, it looks good and I’m encouraged by the process and the result. I wasn’t sure that I could pull off the prototype assignment but constant researching and learning process helped me a lot. what is left is the presentation for the final jury


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