project dev journal 04:

apple rejected my first application due to some credit card info complications. so I applied for another time and hopefully they will accept it this time.  so, I worked on GUI and buttons and watched some tutorials for custom GUI. I found this huge Icon library for the interface. the problem is that the program doesn’t display it with its original quality. The antialiasing aspect cannot be edited

the good thing is, now I can switch between scenes with these buttons. those scenes are empty for now but will be used for the hints page and settings(maybe) page. also, they will open pop up menus for search purposes. right now I have no idea how I’m going to pull off the marker thing 8)

the button script is this:

var normaltexture : Texture2D;
var highlighttexture: Texture2D;

function OnMouseEnter(){
guiTexture.texture = highlighttexture;

function OnMouseExit(){
guiTexture.texture = normaltexture;

function OnMouseDown () {
Application.LoadLevel (1);

understanding the LoadLevel command was a little confusing, it was a very very easy problem but hey, I’m new to this thing and especially, Unity. You have to put your scenes in the build menu and use the numbers corresponding to the scenes that Unity assigns. so changing the “Application.LoadLevel (1);” to Application.LoadLevel (2); opens the second scene that has been assigned to no:2. again, this only works on mac.

here are some tutorials I watched this week:

and I have been browsing the Unity forums ( and found a new plugin that might solve my camera problem but it looks really hard. here’s the link:


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