project dev journal 03

It is kinda stupid how apple developer license system works outside U.S. You have to FAX all your credit card info to apple and they give you developer liscense if you are fit, in 3 to 5 days. What I find stupid is that we are able to buy all kinds of apps and access appstore but when it comes to buying the license it is limited to U.S. whatever, I’m waiting for it to be confirmed. meanwhile, I’ve been doing some GUI, terrain editing stuff on unity and researching A* implementation on unity.

Ive tried some stuff on the built in GUI tools within unity but so far they look really ugly. so I changed my course to putting a GUI texture and embedding a javascript which will make the texture work as a button. once again this only works on mac and with mouse clicks so when it comes to iphone testing I have to come up with something new. That new thing is the “getTouch” command which uses finger touches to the screen as inputs. I will do some research on coming week. the second thing I worked with was the built in terrain editor which I find very productive. I designed some terrains but when I tried compiling and building it for IOS devices, Unity warned me that IOS is not able to use this asset, so I have to do it as a polygon in maya. Talking about assets, I started developing my library, gathering whatever I might use for the project. That is how I found a A* project / plugin for Unity on unity forums. I worked on some scenes in the tutorial folder, it is a different project that what I intend to do but hey, whatever helps.

Here is the link:

Oh, I’ve seen the new google maps 5.0 trailer and it looks awsome! It’s very similar to what I want to develop. shame that its only for android.. for now.


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