project dev journal 01

Ive been keeping log of the things that Ive been doing for the prototype and the project itself. This is the first of the development journals which will list and describe the process Ive been going through.

Upon creating the idea behind the project I focused on the technical aspects of the project, on what environment I am to design the application. We have discussed the possibility of using Unity Game Engine which supports and builds apps for IOS devices. It uses an interface similar to Maya, a 3d design program which I’m quite familiar with. Some design ideas were not to use any textures due to performance issues and use a simple GUI that will guide the user.

After our final presentation on the project proposals, we’ve decided to scrap the chatroom idea and replaced it with a AR idea: use markers as identifiers. This decision was given due to the fact that 3g connection is rather slow on the school campus and the GPS pinpoint technology is inaccurate not that sensitive. The idea is to enable users to pinpoint their locations via these markers on the map.

here are some AR projects on iphone…

a useful toolkit I found for iphone:…


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