Va 301 Research issue 3: Çubuk

Picture 21.BluestarPicture 22. BudakkanPicture 23. Chin Chin

Picture 124. Dragon IstanbulPicture 25.Ken Lo’s MemoriesPicture 26. Ming CourtPicture 27. Ming JiangPicture 48. Mr. ChowPicture 29. Mr. WingPicture 210. Mr K’sPicture 211. Shanghai BluesPicture 212. Shun Lee PalacePicture 313. Shun Lee WestPicture 6Picture 414. Various SushiCo-Chinese in town spotsPicture 5Picture 12Picture 17Picture 22Picture 215. Thai PanPicture 516. Wagamama

while most of the restaurants use the traditional red as a primary color, many others use different colors like blue and gold as the primary color. The combination of black and gold, white or beige with red/ blue black is also popular. Minimalism is also a new trend among the Chinese restaurants. also, wood floors and tables are commonly used.


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